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Still Missing...
We need your help!

Over the last few months, our reunion committee has tediously searched for "missing" classmates. Despite our efforts, many of their whereabouts are still unknown. Our database of classmates was last used 10 years ago for our 40th reunion, and it was neither accurate or complete back then.

Since our 40th, numerous classmates have either relocated, changed email, abandoned land lines, or unfortunately passed away. And there are those whose locations have been a mystery ever since graduation (and some who wish to keep it that way). Through the magic of the internet and apps like Google, Facebook, and the like, we were fortunate to connect or reconnect with several.

Yet there are over 100 classmates whose whereabouts remain, or have become, unknown. This is where YOU can help. If you have the time, please scroll thru the gallery below to see if you recognize a name or face. Perhaps you know a relative or acquaintance of one of them that could offer a clue on how we can make contact. And if you find yourself in the list, please accept our apologies and let us know!

At a minimum, we would like an email address for anyone missing. Any info you may have can be sent via email to, or through our “Contact Us” page. We wish for all our classmates to at least be aware of this memorable event.

July 10, 2022, Updates

Added: Removed: Diane McDade (deceased), Larry Franklin (deceased), Ted Saum (deceased).

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